Why are "Karens" (malicious white women) so loathed?

Recently, there have been numerous stories of middle-aged white women doing bad things to African-Americans, often involving calling the cops on African-Americans who were doing nothing wrong.  Those white women are disparagingly referred to as "Karens".

Why are white women singled out for being mean and racist?

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    Karen refers to a middle aged woman who’s rude & obnoxious. She revels in making the lives of employees a living nightmare because she enjoys making a scene over nothing, and demands to call the manager. 

    If you have been a waiter or worked in retail, you have a met a Karen before. Karen typically refers to entitled customers that are a nightmare to work with.

    Fast forward to 2020, the concept of Karen has expanded to include racist Karens who enjoy calling the police over stupid shït (instead of calling the manager). They will call the police on a black person who is minding their own business, and simply breathing. The fact that a black person is in her vicinity is enough reason for a Karen to involve authorities.

    I remember one of my neighbors saw two black children (about 9 or 10 years old) eating popsicles and giggling at the end of block. She decided to call the police because she felt threatened they were in the neighborhood- that’s a Karen.

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    "Why are "Karens" (malicious white women) so loathed?"

    Because it's White women's turn to be denigrated now according to the Left's critical theory and identity politics. There can be no "Shaniquas", the Black equivalent to a Karen, because of course, -that's racist-. But Karen is White, and the Left ... including feminism... all agree with each other that White people cannot be victims of racism. <lol>

    So there you go Karen. Your years of being a useful idiot for feminism by denigrating your own White men, are now over. Time to discard you so that the movement can go forward with the ever changing ideology that it's run by. Women's advocacy? No! That's old school feminism. Cultural Marxism? Yes! Glad you noticed.


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    "Karen" has nothing to do with race. It refers to a sense of commercial entitlement, an insistence that despite any proof to the contrary, she is right because she is the customer/supervisor/board member etc.

    A Karen may very well call the cops on innocent blacks, but only because she is simply both racist and a Karen at the same time.

    Fuente(s): Having used the Term "Karen" since long before anyone tried to attach a racial stigma to it.
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    What is it with all questions/comments about Karen?

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    The Russian Karen? 

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    The 'karen' caricature is born out ôf fôlk's 

    being far too tired of wild-ape's rôåmîng frėėly

    ťô do whatever they darn well feel likė, cuz !!


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    You cannot get any woman for your self and you're being mean

    Most white women are not racist 

    That is why there are so many white women married to non white men

    White men are most racist men

    White men are evil and bring the worst out of a woman also boring, lame, bad lovers and average 

    And that's what is the situation in EUROPE 

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    The problem is that "Karens" are trying to maintain Western standards of human decency in a world with too many wild creatures that were evolved for the jungle, not civilization.

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    Not every Karen is a racist...

  • Yeah, this "Karen" meme just kinda sneaked up on us.I think I saw it the first time a year ago, and just thought it was stupid. It's also a bit unfair on women whose name is Karen, which is a perfectly good name.

    Yes there are white women that do mean things, and there is already a completely functional word for them ... beyaches.

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    The answer is in the question. Who would like anyone that makes life more difficult? The term Karen dose not always have racist implications and not only used by people of other races.

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