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When can they find COVID 19 vaccine to stop the disease??

Currently my mom and my brother tested positive for COVID 19 my moms case is mild she has fever on and off. And she choose to stay home for 14 days in her room. But my brother case is a bit severe and his been having difficulty breathing and coughing. He doesn’t want to see doctor he prefer to stay home. How long should you stay away from people because I wanted to visit my mom but not with my kids. I’m very terrified of this disease do you think it will disappear soon. 

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  • Pearl
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    hopefully it will happen soon

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    The disease probably won't 'disappear'. Once a virus is here, it almost always stays, even if in a much smaller capacity.

    Erradicating a virus is difficult as they can mutate and even if you find a vaccine, it's unlikely to be 100% effective. The vaccine depends on a person's immune system to work in conjunction with it and some people's immune systems simply aren't as efficient. As a virus mutates, the vaccine often becomes less effective. That's the issue with the annual flu vaccine. It's, at best, an educated guess of what strain will be prevalent in a given year and sometimes its effectiveness is low.

    There is also an issue with the currently developed vaccines that, while they see a large number of people developing antibodies, there are indications that the antibodies do not last very long in the human body which means it becomes useless after a short period of time. They MAY be able to combat that with a series of boosters.

    Testing for effectiveness and, possibly more importantly, long term side effects should take 12 to 18 months. If the vaccine is released earlier than that, I'd be leery that it wasn't properly tested.

    Also, keep in mind that once it's found, produced and ready, each country will have to independently clear it through their government medical programs, which may require more testing.

    The fastest created vaccine was for SARS, it took 18 months and was never brought to market (as the virus died off by then). Keep in mind that they were already studying similar viruses so had a head start. The Ebola vaccine that was brought to market (but just approved in the US in 2019) took 4 years before sufficient data showed it was safe to be used on the general public.

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    RedFox has given you good advice.


    As for the vaccine, there are lots of companies working on a vaccine but it takes time to see if it is safe, that it works and then put it into production. There are at least two that are now down the the effectiveness testing and they are sure enough that they have begun production ahead of the final results. Still it will be the end of the year at best before there might be a vaccine.


    One big question with any vaccine is its long term effectiveness. Does it protect for a few weeks, months or maybe a full year

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    Standard quarantine for this disease is 14 days, but doctors recommend making it closer to 20 to be on the safe side. 

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