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In punk music, do you instantly lose all your street cred if they find out you have a library card?

second question: would The Ramones only have sold half if people knew they had library cards?

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  • hace 1 mes
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    No, if you listen to the lyrics to Punk songs, it's likely the writer was an avid book reader.

  • hace 4 semanas

    Street cred is over rated.  You can get smart now at the library...  or still be a cool punk rocker in your 50's...wondering, "What have I done with my life?!  How am I going to retire?!"  Get your library card, kid!  You can be cool AND smart.  No rule saying you can't.

  • Quato
    Lv 7
    hace 1 mes
  • Chad
    Lv 4
    hace 1 mes

    "The Ramones only have sold half if people knew they had library cards?"

    Cheers to you for being boring and ignorant. 

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  • Anónimo
    hace 1 mes

    No, of course not.

  • Guber
    Lv 5
    hace 1 mes

    Library cards are passe.  Peeps use the 'net nowadays.

  • Anónimo
    hace 1 mes

    Not a problem in punk. Maybe a problem in hip hop.

  • Matt85
    Lv 7
    hace 1 mes

    No. That culture is brighter than that.

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