Housemate bolted the door and wouldn't let me in. I told the agency and they said they relocate me. But they gone silent after I told them?

I don't think I'm a bad housemate. I honestly clean up after myself and once a week clean a room like kitchen, toilet or living room. I'm the only person who does this and I don't care or ever make a point about it, I just do it because that's how I lived independently. I don't get along with the guy, not into football or stalking girls 24/7 on tinder. Still I'm getting the blame for everything yet I'm not even there as I'm working from 11:30 to 22:30 6 days a week. I buy the toilet paper, hand soap, washing up liquid, sponges and everything for everyone to use. Still here's an example, I used the last dirty sponge which I bought to clean my bike and the guy called me a prick and I should think about others, it was late at night and I got more the next morning. 

Ah I'm not happy. Last night he bolted the door shut and I couldn't get in, his doing this because he wants to be alpha male and I don't want to get involved and just ignore him most of the time. I thought it be okay I just stick to myself but bolting the door shut late at night after working a mental shift isn't something I can ignore. Are there any rules which he has broke? Even with the coronavirus lock down could he still be forced to go? 


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  • hace 3 meses

    Why are you still living there? If you're unhappy then just leave. If you're still under contract to stay you can usually speak to your letting agency about it, often they'll be ok with you leaving as long as you find someone to take over the contract.

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