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Why are my stepgrandparents racist?

My stepdad is *** but as far as I know he is not racist. I cannot go to his parents though because they don’t allow people wuth non-blue eyes (We live in a country where over 80% have blue eyes)

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  • Pearl
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    you need to ask them this question

  • hace 1 mes

    In your shoes I wouldn't even bother trying to find out.  They are bigots and who wants to visit a bigot?  You could ask your stepfather - what's ***?  He may be able to explain his parents' reaction to you.  Just don't visit them.  They aren't of your own blood so aren't relatives really especially as they don't accept you as you are.  They sound a bit weird.  There are millions of people with brown eyes.  Not everywhere has blue-eyed as the norm.  Most people aren't interested in other's eye-colour.  These people sound rather strange.

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