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This woman has set out to destroy me, how to not let her get to me?

There is this woman in her 30s who has been obsessed with me for a while. She is always bullying me, putting me down, making up lies about me, comparing herself to me, competing with me. I'm so sick and tired of her and I wish she would leave me alone. This has gone on for years now. She has aspergers symdrome which might explain why she's so obsessive. It's like she's set out to ruin me. How do I not let her get to me?

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    I don't know the circumstances of your relationship with her, but you can only change yourself. Your only defense is remaining impartial and not reacting to her as that Golden Rule tells us. Don't do to others what you hate. Resist the temptation to say negative things about her. Her Asperger syndrome does explain a lot.

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    Stay as far away from her as you can.  Change your number, your email, don't answer your door when she comes knocking.  Ignore her completely

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