Are you sure about your sexuality?

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  • hace 2 meses

    Yes. Are you sure of yours?

  • hace 3 meses

    At 75 years old I damn well better be, but to give the devil his due  Richard Chamberlain came out in his mid 80’s( like nobody figured it out 50 years before)

  • hace 3 meses

    Fairly. Although heaven knows, I've been confused about it for most of my life, and identified as just about everything under the sun, at SOME point!

    Anyway..? Currently identifying as panromantic grey asexual. Which I have for a few years. And I think it's the closest I'll ever get to finding a label that fits me. The panromantic part of it is true, because I can indeed fall in love with people regardless of their sex, or gender identity, or what kind of bodies they have. I fall in love with SOULS, more so. And.. the love of my life is biologically male, but non-binary identified. And I really LOVE the feminine parts of him, AND I love his body, and I'm really into him just being himself, and wearing cute dresses and jewelry, and.. Anything he wants! And I also love his beard. I love the beautiful combination of feminine and masculine, that is him! So yeah.. I think getting with her, (he mostly uses "he / him" pronouns, at she's not out yet, but I know she also appreciates "she" pronouns on occasion, and is fine with either), has only further demonstrated to me that I am, indeed, panromantic. And.. I've also had a girlfriend in the past, and I was very happy being with her, too. And I've had crushes on both men and women. :)

    As for the "grey asexual" part of things..? I think I deliberately chose that label because there's quite a bit of leeway there! I don't really experience sexual attraction, to just bodies, in the same way as other people do. I don't have much of a libido. And I feel no need to have sex, in the conventional way. BUT..? I do still have SOME slightly sexual feelings. Or at least very deeply sensual feelings! I love kisses, and hugs, and cuddles, and even long make-out sessions! I love sensual touches, and stimulation, and being SUPER close to, and naked with, my partner!! And.. I have some SLIGHTLY sexual feelings, maybe, just for him. Or at the very least sensual feelings! That I think both of us want to explore a bit more. But there's no rush, because he's SUPER respectful of me, and never wants to push anything on me, in any way. His main concern..? Is just for me to feel happy and loved! He is the SWEETEST, loveliest ever person. And also..? Not really super sexual himself, either. So it works out. And.. we're currently stuck on different sides of the world, sadly. So we can't even touch, right now! (It's f*cking torturous.) :(

    Anyway... I have considered labels like "demisexual", as I feel things for him that I've never felt to this extent for anyone else. Ever. I think partially because I love him so damn much, and partially because he's just SO damn good to me, and SO safe to be with!! But.. it's still a fact that whatever sensual or slightly sexual feelings I have for him, at times..? Are not FULL-BLOWN sexual attraction, either! More like in the grey... So I think panromantic GREY asexual still makes sense, for me. But.. panromantic grey asexual with some slightly demisexual tendencies, maybe. Plus it's just generally fluid, and it fluctuates a lot. :)

  • hace 3 meses


    I am a good and decent heterosexual.*

    * Almost.

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  • hace 3 meses

    So far yes, I'm heterosexual and have been all my life, but you never know!

  • hace 3 meses

    Yes, very.  I am a solid 0 on the Kinsey scale:  totally straight.  I have never wavered from that in over 60 years.

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