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How do i grow out my hair?

i'm a guy wanting to experiment and try to grow my hair out for the first time. During quarantine when places where closed I attempted to cut my own hair and like alot of people I failed miserably and messed up my hair in the process. it is still fixable but when i did i wanted the end goal of growing my hair out to shoulder length and I talk to a friend for advice and he suggested to buzz it off that way it will grow all in one length which is a bit extreme but won't have to go out much to cut my hair as often but i risk being in a few awkward stages while trying to grow it out. I know that hair on the sides and back grow back faster than on top so I don't know what to do. Right now i just trimmed my hair to a bowl cut or mushroom cut currently wear a hat if i have to go anywhere. I'm thinking i might have to take a plunge and go out and go to a barber and cut my head to a crew cut or something that will make growing my hair out easier and manageable in the process. Can anyone give me a good starting hairstyle that will help reset my hair as well as making my hair grow out easier

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    There is no perfect way to grow out your hair.   Without seeing how you messed up your home haircut, there's no way to guess whether or not a buzz cut is a good fix.

    Go to a good barber/stylist.  Tell them you goal.  Let them cut your hair in a way that at least looks good now.  Be prepared to have your hair trimmed and shaped every few months while growing it out.  

    At most, your hair will grow about six inches in a year.  If you start with a buzz cut, it will take you 2+ years to have shoulder length tresses.  During that time there will definitely be several phases where it will be awkward and probably unattractive.

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    You should be fine with growing it out from current, but what you could do is just keep an eye on it and have it trimmed at the barber if you notice it's quite uneven, just to bring it back to similar length

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