anyone else ruined by lack of sex education?

Hey... very interested in other experiences regarding this topic

I was a very sexual child. I start public humping things and feeling sexual urges probably starting age 5. 

older I got I starting humping things (by old I mean like 10) I learned about masterbation from a girl in a camp when she spoke about boys doing something disgusting. She spoke about it asrepulsive when boys did it... I was girl. I thought I was sick. **** I was insane for doing something similar as a man. I literally hated myself. I thought I was ILL.

I loved humping **** and became repulsed by myself. it literally made me hate myself. deep dark secret.

when I lost my virginity

I started having sex with guys because I thought I should. It felt terrible. each time it felt like I was being assaulted because I couldn't distinguish between the pleasure I felt by my masturbation and this sex. but I did it because that was normal I guess. I actually got real life raped too and thought I deserved it. 

Now I'm old and smart enough to realize sex is ******* beautiful. Ive struggled because of all this trauma.

LITERALLY WHY THE ****! I'm old enough to see shows and just people being open about sexuality and I just wish that happened sooner. my relationship with sex is really damn sad. Think if I was raised right I could have really enjoyed it.

Anyone else feel me? Literally no-one talks about this **** and I'm over it.

 I'm a filmmaker writing a screenplay and I'm just interested in other peoples experiences.

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    All I can suggest is therapy to process all you've been through.

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