Learning chords/harmony on piano?



  I’ve been drumming for about 11 years. It’s in my heart and soul, I bleed rhythm. But as much as I bleed rhythm I have this very melodic side to me that needs to unleash chords and start writing music. If I hear a chord progression being played, I have a tendency to hear what melody naturally wants to be played over it. But to get to my question... From someone who knows a little bit of basic theory, like what makes up a major and minor chord and someone who is ok at naming intervals from a visual stand point. What is a good way to learn chords and progressions? and what chords should I learn? How did you guys learn your chords? Should I take one key at a time? Should I learn songs? How do I learn progressions? Thanks for your time and answers!

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    Three simple words I have uttered many times before and I will again:

    1. GET

    2. A

    3. TEACHER

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    I learned chords by playing the guitar, then with my knowledge of music, I transferred that to the piano.  I did have a year of piano lessons but you don't get into chords very much in one year.  I took a correspondence course in harmony and learned more about chords.  A qualified teacher would be a good idea.

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    I have multiple degrees in Music Theory, and taught it for decades. You need  a good  class.  As a percussionist, you might not be strong in reading pitch in treble and bass clefs.  Then you need to know how major and minor (and there are three forms of minor scales) are built.  Then you need to learn how to write a decent melody, starting small.  THEN you can learn how to create chords and harmony, starting with the primary chords in each key, then substitute and secondary chords (that is where the flavor lives) and then things like how to modulate / change keys.  Your best bet is to take a LIVE class.  But if you are in a hurry, try 10minutejazzlesson.com.  They internet is full of fakers and phonies, but this guy is the real deal.  Small bites of everything - designed to move you in security.  Check it out - let us know.  What you asked in your question, can't all be answered in YA.

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