Can exercise equipment cause your con ed bill to go up significantly? ?

I'm currently pay about $50 in electricity as I live alone in a studio apartment. I'm thinking about purchasing a piece of exercise equipment to use early in the mornings. Will that cause my bill to increase significantly?

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    That depends on exactly HOW you use it.  Some electronic units only enter a "sleep" mode when not in use and would draw a small amount of power even when you are not using it.  

    Know what features you really want.  If you want something that is going to track how you use it  - then it is going to draw more power than something that just gives you information only while you use it.

    Unplugging when not in use will also reduce the risk of it using power when you are not using it.  (but it might not retain history and stats of previous work-outs if you that is something you are interested in.)

    BTW - there is also exercise equipment options that run on batteries to give you stats instead of needing to plug it in. 

    So - how much power you use is really going to depend on exactly what you pick and what features interest  you.  The increase shouldn't be that much no matter what you pick.  Good equipment should list an estimated power usage also.  

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    Why would it ... aren't YOU supposed to be doing all the work ?

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