Should I upgrade my huawei p20 pro ?

I would like to know your thoughts on huawei p20 pro do you have on do you love it or should I get a Samsung galaxy phone and what one is good. PLEASE DO NOT MENTION IPHONE'S I HATE THEM 

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  • chorle
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    hace 1 mes

    Any other brand I would likely say there is no need to replace a two year old phone but with the lack of updates, you may want to replace a Huawei if you live in the USA or are afraid of the Chinese government spying on you. 

    I don't hate iPhone but get annoyed when I use them because everything seems to be in the wrong place. 

    I  am content with my Moto G7 but I only need something to use a web browser, use Facebook, Twitter, and Pokemon Go, and to make calls and texts. 

    Also the two Moto I have costs much less than my wife's iPhone. 

    Oh no, I guess I mentioned iPhone 3 times. 

  • Nicey8
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    hace 1 mes

    hi. huawei phones maybe unable to use google app store, i am not really sure about that.

    Samsung Note 20 is selling in late August. I think that is a better buy with a good fingerprint sensor, much better cameras and stylus pen that is cool.

  • Anónimo
    hace 1 mes

    Yeah I love Huawei phones because they break a lot and I love having the CPC knowing what I'm doing. I'd feel better by giving my hard earned money to my local crack dealer than a firm that would rather see me dead or enslaved.

    I buy either iPhones or galaxy S phones.... one or the other. It's like comparing Ice Cream to Pie. The one thing I like about the Galaxy phones is you can get them at a huge discount around the Holiday season. I got my sister an S10+ last January for 40% off..... and sometimes on the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend you can get a Galaxy S phone for 50% off. At least the folks in Cupertino and South Korea don't want to see me dead or working for them in a prison camp.

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