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Hair on girls ?

I am a white teenage girl with brown hair, i have dark hair inbetween my boobs, on my nipples, coming out my neck and beneath my belly button. It is not thick hair just almost Pube like. Why? 


I mean not like pubes but just individual black hairs 

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    Interesting hair growth I never knew girls can grow hair in between their ****. 

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    You sound like a troll. However, if not, here goes. It's more common than you could ever know. I suggest electrolysis because it is the most economical way to permanently remove unwanted hair. Why is this happening to you? Mammals have hair. 

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    Same here. Probably a reaction to the hormones your body produces like testosterone or androgen.

    EDIT: I did some looking and it can be something passed down in the family, a response to your androgen levels, or a reaction to certain medications. The medical term is hirsutism and it's extremely common with over 3 million cases in the US per year.

    So yeah, you are definitely not alone in this! Like I said, I'm right there with you. 22 year old white girl with brown hair. Got those non pube, atypical darker thicker hairs going on in the same places as you. Three under the chin, five at the dead center of my chest between my boobs, one follicle with about four hairs coming out of it right near my left nipple, and one long boy coming out the left side of my belly button.

    If you are experiencing any irregularities with your period cycle, or like lots of pain, lots of blood, anything out of the ordinary, you may want to ask your primary health care provider about doing some bloodwork to check your hormone levels. If you have the extra hairs because of high androgen levels and you also have abnormal period stuff, you may want to have a check to rule out PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome).

    I did this because I have some irregularities along with the hair. It wasn't PCOS, I'm just one hairy gal it seems. I believe my doctor mentioned that some hormonal forms of birth control can help reduce the hair. I'm gay, it takes like six months to work and I'd rather not pay for a prescription when I could just tweeze or shave so I didn't go for it. But hey, if you aren't on any birth control and happened to be considering it anyway, that could be a thing to try but I don't know your life.

    TL;DR You're not alone by any means and maybe check your hormone levels if you think you need to. Best wishes!

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