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probably over-reacting but i’m worried?


i have symptoms of ibs and piles but not sure if it could also be bowel cancer. right so i’ve got itchy bumps around my anus, rectal bleeding very rarely (usually when i’m on my period), white mucus after wiping, and stomach cramps and excess gas. my symptoms aren’t present all the time, i can go weeks/months without getting them but they always come back. could this be cancer? i’m 16 year old female and going to try and see a doctor wants it’s safe to do so. 

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    It is not likely cancer, but it could be Crohns disease or any number of other digestive disorders or even something as simple as polyps.

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    It would be statistically unlikely for a 16 year old to have cancer. That said, polyps and inflammatory conditions like chrons, IBS, etc. are risk factors for colon and rectal cancer- However, this type of cancer typically is only found in aged individuals. Piles are not indicative of cancer, but rather are caused by weak pelvic muscles and straining. They have no correlation to cancer whatsoever.

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