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Washing machine not cleaning clothes ?

What might the error be?tried various washing tablets and powders, it runs a wash as it should no noises or alarming but clothes just don't come out clean and it's gross now. Any idea what problem may be and how to fix? 

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  • Depends on the model but you may need to clean/unclog your pump filter.  It's often at the bottom of the machine behind a removable cover.  Take this off and you will see a sort of screw in top (make sure have something on the floor to catch the water) unsrew it and then remove filter and any blockages give it a clean and put it all back.  Had a similar problem a while back.  Hope this helps...

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    I use ariel washing powder which is big brand washing powder and it gives best result in washing your clothes so you should try big brand like as ariel,tide and others.

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    Inner tub might need to be removed and cleaned manually.

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    try dropping a washing machine cleaner in the washer

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