how to be more positive in life, more optimistic?

i tend to feel really negative about life very easily, especially when the chips are can i turn it around and think positive? because i believe it will make a big difference in my well being if i can master it.

im a male in my forties who has had a very difficult life.

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    It's more of a psychological issue than a philosophical one. You can start by not worrying so much about the things that you have no control over. 

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    You should do yoga and learn to breathe 

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    Optimism / pessimism are often rooted in the fatalism of the powerless. It's said "only the powerless are truly free". That's an abdication of responsibility AND fails to recognise that YOU have the power to make choices, to shape the world, even in a modest way.

    At work, I have a sheet of paper on the wall. It's blank except for a line across the page, half way up and, above that, it says "LIVE HERE".

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    and enthusiasm 

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    You are a light in a storm.  You don't know how you keep lit, but there you are for anyone in need of it. If something puts you out, you light right back up.  Don't know how, but there you are.  

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    Keep doing something easy and positive, then you would feel better.

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    You are what you eat.If you eat healthy food you become healthy.Similarly you are positive or negative depending on what you feed  your mind., eyes, ears. So  read       only positive matters and think positively always.Associate closely with positive people and avoid negative people as far as possible..As you think, so you become.There is a story of  two sales men who were sent to an African country for  sales promotion of the foot wears manufactured by the company.The first  sales man reported back to his company that there is not much scope for sales in that country because very few people wear footwear and most of the people  walk with naked feet.The second man reported that there is huge scope for promoting the sale in that country  as very few people wear foot wears .The second man  tried his level best to increase the sale and  could achieve phenomenal increase in the sale(If I am correct, the second sales man was none other than Thomas Bata, the founder of the multinational  footwear company, Bata)

  • You do not need a reason to choose the life over the death than that you know one is good and the other bad. One will raise you up and the other tear you down. 

    When it comes to your own welfare and happiness there is nothing in the world which should hold priority. 

    So let go of all the things which are stopping you from choosing the life which is about finding yourself and developing your own view of things. 

    The creative spirit inside you is the life and the world which would crush it is the death, and you have the right to say no without reservation or explanation. 

    You come before the world. You learn and absorb what you can from it but you must build that castle in the clouds. You must develop your own individuality. By finding your own beliefs and thoughts about things.  

    You need no institution. You have yourself. 

    You are the light against the storm but you will not die. So long as you stick by yourself and your developing individuality, your own views of everything. You will find inner resources. 

    You must not be attached to the products of the mind or of emotion, you must always go back to their source inside you. To rebuild and reconstruct ideas and feeling based on everything learned and absorbed until that moment. 

    In this way we grow. 

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    Google "positive news". I like stories about positive developments in science, and community programs. 

    Spend time in uncrowded natural environments, hiking, rafting, walking on a beach or by a river, or something like that. 

    Update 7/6/20: I think people tend to be depressed when they feel unfulfilled. Answer questions like: What do you want? Can you see your way to it? If not, why not? Perhaps it is was, or would've been, but was lost forever, and left a hole. If so, what's the next best thing? Perhaps obstacles and confusion stand in your way. Perhaps you're on a treadmill, putting your hands to a grindstone, instead of putting them directly to your life and your fulfillment. 

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    do u have close friend, ur gf, or someone who cares about u u can talk to or hang out with?

    u should see a therapist or get counseling about this.

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