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how can i stop putting alcohol in coffee?

i literally fill half my cup with irish cream and cant stop

how do i motivate myself

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    Alcoholism destroys bodies, lives, and families. It's such a terrible thing. Your problem goes far beyond putting irish cream in your morning coffee. It's great that you admit you need to stop doing this, that's the first step. I don't have the qualifications to help someone with alcoholism but there are many professionals who do. Please seek help.

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    JUST DO IT !!!!  .........................................

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    You can get non-alcoholic Irish Cream.  What I suggest you do is to taper off the amount of alcoholic Irish Cream with non-alcoholic Irish Cream very slowly, very small increments.  Over time you won’t notice the difference and eventually you’ll be using nothing but the non-alcoholic version to flavor your coffee.  

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    I would suggest you read about the negative health effects of alcohol addiction on the internet.Maybe that will motivate you to stop.

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