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Is there any scientific evidence that homosexuality is a genetic disorder?

Many good science articles i found said that there is not enough evidence to think that homosexuality is genetic. But some said that it is genetic. Don't know what the truth is. 

i want neutral opinion from a scientist/biologist/specialist...not some biased gay/straight opinion

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    It's not a disorder because it's not harmful. In fact, it's beneficial to have some gay people around. We're a social species whose offspring requires a great deal of parental care, so it does us some good to have couples who can't biologically have kids. That way, they can adopt orphaned kids. It works for penguins. 

    And even if it wasn't useful, it being harmless means it's still not a disorder.

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    It has to do with prenatal hormones, not genetics.  It's not a disorder, since it doesn't do any harm to the individual. 

  • Anónimo
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    To the contrary. There is scientific evidence that it is not genetically controlled. Identical twins have identical genes and yet twins are no more likely to be either left handed or homosexual as the general population. There is no left-handed gene either. Babies are born ambidextrous but by the time they are able to speak (18 months of age), they develop preference for one hand or the other. If the left side of the brain controls speech, then they are right handed. If they are left handed, the right side of their brain controls speech.

    One twin may be left-handed and the other twin may be right-handed. Left-handed parents are no more likely to have left-handed children than right-handed parents. Similarly, homosexual parents are no more likely to have homosexual children than straight parents. Identical twins may also have different sexual preferences. Therefore scientists do not support the hypothesis that homosexuality is genetic. Instead, they are looking for environmental causes. Some gay people are attracted to the phermones of the same gender but heterosexual people are only attracted to phermones of the opposite gender. Phermones are odorless but when they are broken down by bacteria, they become what is known as body odor.

    A possible cause of homosexuality is imprinting. Animals like frogs, snakes, insects and salamanders are born with the genes that control mating behavior and phermones, so they do not need to learn what their potential mates may look, sound, act or smell like. OTOH, animals like birds imprint upon their parents as they grow up to learn and remember what their potential mates may look like. For example, birds with white feathers that are raised by parents with dark feathers may only be attracted to birds with dark feathers instead of white feathers. Geese raised in captivity are known to imprint upon beach balls, shoes or even humans as potential mates. once imprinted, the behavior is next to impossible to change, giving people the false impression that it is genetic. There is of course no shoe gene or beach ball gene, so genes cannot explain how geese may think that beach balls or shoes should be their mates when they grow up.

    Lastly, there is some evidence that people who suffer brain injury that are severe enough to erase their memory may also change their sexual preference. Therefore it is most likely that once imprinted, the idea of what a potential mate should look, smell or feel like may be stored in memory and cannot be erased without extraordinary measures ior circumstances

  • Cowboy
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    To believe that someone's sexual orientation is a disorder is a mental disorder in it's own right - you're afflicted with low-effort thought and should probably stop speaking...

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  • MARK
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    No one has ever discovered a gene that determines one’s sexual orientation. As a biologist I am absolutely certain that no one ever will. Nobody’s sexual orientation neatly fits into discrete pigeonholes. Sexual orientation is a spectrum and some people even change where they are on the spectrum. As there are so many possibilities it is similar to height: it will be the result of the interaction of many genes and the environment those genes are exposed to.

    As a gay man and having been born at a time when being gay was illegal and having what seemed like the whole of society being against you it really was not a choice you would make. Even today when conditions are unbelievably better young gay men still say it is not a choice any rational person would make. Why would anybody choose to belong to a minority that people discriminate against. Being gay for me was no more a choice than the fact I have blue eyes, was blonde haired (now grey) and am fair skinned (readily fry in the sun). So as far as I am concerned it is the result of my unique genetic makeup.

    I am very happy to say there has been a sea change in people’s attitudes towards anyone who is different from the perceived ‘norm’ (which doesn’t exist) but there are still plenty of bigots out there.

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    No specific gene or combination of genes has been found to correlate to homosexuality.  However, some conditions of birth have been discovered that lead to gender dysphoria.  It is thought that something affects the development of the brain during late in the 1st trimester and a good part of the 2nd trimester.  It causes brain configuration irregularities.

  • Tom
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    No, as a "Gay Gene" has not been found.  HOWEVER it is most likely a CONGENITAL disorder---a person is born "Gay", most likely from some exposure to the wrong sequence of hormone exposure in the womb, from various factors yet to be determined.   A person cannot be "Taught" or "Converted" into being "Gay".

    Any Genetic  Factors, if they exist,  would be "Indirect" such as something in the mother's genetic makeup that controlled her hormonal response in pregnancy---That could cause a child to be born "gay" of have the "defect"----Still a lot is unknown in this department, and political exploitation of gay people makes proper studies in this department even more difficult.

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    There's no good evidence that it's a disorder.  It may have been advantageous in our hunter-gatherer days.  We're group selected.  Homosexuality may have helped a group to cohere.  Read up on bonobos.

  • Dixon
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    This isn't a scientific answer, so sorry about that. Just speaking from personal experience of myself (straight) and gay people I know. It seems there is a strong genetic component that is then potentially modified by environment. 

    I can not imagine being sexually attracted to another male - I don't even understand why women are attracted to men. I don't think I ever had to learn that, I was attracted to females even before I know what that meant. So that seems strongly genetic to me. 

    I know quite a few people who are technically bisexual but in a different era I'm sure they would just be socialised to believe they were straight. And women who in this era prefer to avoid men because of previous negative personal history, making them functionally gay.

    And then at the other extreme to me, I know guys who always were really always gay even as youngsters but they didn't know that being gay was even a thing (I'm  pretty old btw). So effectively they were being socialised to be straight but they never really found girls sexually appealing. To me, this is the best evidence there is a strong initial genetic component because if you are gay even when there is no gay influence or role models, then what else can it be? (Being gay was illegal in the UK until near the end of the 1960's).

    So to my mind, the genetically bisexual people can probably be shifted somewhat either way by circumstances and environment but the genetically strongly straight or gay are going to need an extreme environment to have any impact at all.

    Also, I object to your calling homosexuality a disorder. It is no more of a disorder than being blonde or left-handed..

  • CRR
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    hace 1 mes

    This seems to be the latest on the subject.

    Large Study Indicates Genetics Has Little Influence on Sexual Orientation

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