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I'm depressed because this guy deleted me of social media and ghosted me and I called by mistake on whatsap, should I care?

I've never met him before. He would disappear and come back and we would chat on whatsap. Wasn't sure about his intentions so I was nice and flirted but never went to the point of sexting etc. He asked to meet once and I couldn't make it(wasn't sure if I should meet him because of his intentions and he wasn't consistent)

I would never message him first really and when he would message we used to have good chats. I told myself it's okay I'm not expecting anything and I'm not crossing lines I'm not comfortable with.

Time passed, I didn't message him and he didn't message me. I carried on but I noticed he deleted me of social media, maybe also on whatsap.

It makes me sad and depressed that I seem that revolting. Maybe I was ugly or something. I'm suicidal and I'm trying to forget it but it hurts.

I went to the chat and gave a missed call by mistake. I didn't say anything hoping he thought it may be a mistake or something. He didn't message and I just carried on and definitelty won't be messaging or anything.

Should I care? How can someone also pretend to be nice and just go and I'm not a bad person. Even if he doesn't want me, am I so revolting and unattractive to disconnect and ghost. I wasn't even messaging him for him to have been annoyed by me.

Guys just don't like me and it hurts, I will never get married and I'm.getting old now.

Why are other girls worth it but not me. I'm so lonely and rejected always.

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  • Helen
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    hace 1 mes

    He's never met you, so how could you be "ugly"?

    If that were the case, he would never have talked to you or suggested meeting up in the first place. His actions say everything about him and nothing about you.

    I would suggest you speak to a counselor as it seems you have very low self-esteem.

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