I'm super excited for the new consoles however I am in a bit of a dilemma. I've always owned PS (1,2,3,psp etc..).When I got the ps3 all of my friends jumped on the 360 and I was super left out as the console was a bit of a disappointment and had no friends on it ,  plus I couldn't afford the 360 as I had already paid too much for thr  ps3. When the ps4 and the xbox One came out... I spoke with my friends ad we all got the Xbox one , however according to my friends the One was crap compared to the 360 and PS4 and they all traded in for the PS4. I stayed on the Xbox as I didn't want to lose out around £150 (trading in and buying - game store profit). I actually stopped gaming in general as I had Uni exams. But in recent years I started playing and have fallen in love with it! The new guys @ XBOX are doing a good job, and the console (UI,gamepass) has came a long way since Launch. However this doesn't make stop being jealous of my friends who can play the Last of us ,GOW & Spider-man. Now for this new Gen : I am so undecided; One hand it's the Xbox which is a beast of a console and on the other hand it's Sony's games.As a console I prefer the Xbox even though it's a fridge it's much better looking than the router. So I guess it's the case of console vs games.. however XBOX apparently have invested alot of first party this year so will have to see their July event, but I doubt it can top Sony's best exclusives. I love Gamepass -  argh so hard , happy to hear people's opinions. 

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