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how to tell my parents i dont want to wear hijab anymore (theyre REALLY extreme)?

Ok so i dont want to wear the hijab,, this isnt influenced by anyone or anything or because of my current situation i am in

i have always felt this way about it

i started wearing it in 2017, but i was guilt tripped and my parents knew i was really emotional and sensitive back then, so they used that to their advantage and sorta made me wear it.

at first i didnt mind, but then it got to me : It was against my will

ive been told by my parents that im mentally ill for thinking that way and that im crazy and stupid for not following the religion correctly and stuff like that. Whenever i try to open to my parents about this subject they literally just shut me down, i was given a choice but i only said yes because they guilt tripped me into wearing it. I also feel a preassure to wear it. It wears down my confidence and self esteem and i just dont want to wear it anymore. Ive been feeling this way for almost 3 years. I told them firstly about it 2 years ago,, and further once more a few months ago but i just keep getting the same reaction and emotional abuse over and over and over, its like theyre only doing it for themselves. I’m really lost at this point. I dont know what to do

Ive literally been shamed by them for not wanting to follow the religion ive been born into. I dont mind the religion,, but its just the scarf i dont want no more. I've talked to a specialist, parents, friends, family friends but my parents are NOT budging.

Oh im out of words, please help, anyone

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    You didn't say how old you are. The minute you turn 18, they can't control what you wear anymore.

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    Move out when the situation presents itself and then you can wear whatever you want.

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    In the USA you have the freedom and the right to move to another town, change or stay in your religion and live your own life. You just have to have the courage to make the choice.

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    You need to find someone from your family or relatives who thinks same as you.

    you can convey your point through someone else who can guide your parents.

    Try giving examples of people who are still more religious without following this rule.

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    This a very strong and emotive subject, I am not a Muslim but my understanding is that wearing of the scarf is up to the individual person. So therefore even though your parents are strong followers of that religion your choice is paramount as well. 

    We no longer live in the dark ages where being dictated to is a way of life. 

    Here in the in the UK we have choice, I’m not sure what’re you are but this just my opinion.

    You are an individual who has a choice and your whole life ahead of you

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