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Why the ISO 45001 Certification is important?

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    It is important if you have a product aimed for the international market.  For the most part, the purpose of any ISO certification is to require products (including software) sold on the world market to have means for clienteles to have access to support for issues and to provide a common framework for such things as environmental management, work place safety, etc.

    ISO 45001 specifically addresses work place health and safety. By being certified for ISO 45001, it indicates to potential clienteles in other countries that your company meets with the work place health and safety rules designated by ISO.  This is separate from what is or is not required by law within the country your company resides. In other words, if country X where company Y resides does not have laws regulating some aspects of health and safety, being certified by ISO45001 means company Y has instituted the necessary work place health and safety procedures/equipments even if country X does not require it.

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    Because it is an international quality control agency And it provides quality control certificates to various organizations.

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