Should I be alarmed by my Faince’s behaviour? Can calm people be violent?

My fiance(25y) of 2 years is a very calm and respectful guy, some people call him too serious but with me he is laidback. Recently my little brother(16) got into a fight with a guy in class, so the guy’s older brother(in his 30s) came and attempted to beat my brother up. My fiance saw him coming towards my brother with a bat, so he approached him and told him “you have one decision to make leave here or leave here” the other guy was a bit scared because my fiance is a big guy(ex foreign legion but he got kicked out after 2 years), so the guy backs up a bit and tells him he wants my brother. My fiance goes “but I want you I wanna bite on those fat tid*ies of yours” I was shocked because he never even swears, so the other guy got mad and attacked him, my fiance headbutted him so he lost his balance and fell down and my fiance brought my brother over and made him beat him up. And then told him to leave it. So the guy pulls this small blade fiance takes the bat and hit the guy on his leg forcing him down, took his blade and started stabbing his own hand with it and went “see this I don’t really care much about death or pain, you can kill me or my girl or her brother or whatever you want but be sure that I’ll kill you for fun” and started taking his own blood and rubbing it on the guy’s face while laughing at him, the guy ran away horrified.

I confronted my fiance and he said “this is just to scare him away making sure he never dares come near your brother again” What should I do?

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    violence and reaction is wrong. Instead we should take it all in. Violence so violence. We take it all.

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