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how can i receive professional help for my mental health as a teenager ? (long)?

just going to cut to the chase; i *know* im severely mentally ill. i want help. i oh-so desperately want help. 

here's the problem (this is kind of long, apologies). 

i am a 17 year old with parents who do not believe in therapy and like to sweep mental illness under the rug. i came to my mom about being very, very depressed and was told to "go outside". i try telling my father and a situation (not going into detail) happened and traumatized me. he was NOT supportive at all and wondered "why go to a therapist when you have parents". 


i cannot go seek professional help without my parents consent. i have tried talking to a school counselor about this and the state i live in, the child has to have parents permission if the child is a minor.


yes, i suppose i could just "wait until im 18" but that's not the point. i need help NOW. i need it so bad. im at my breaking point. i need something. 

what can i do? i have considered getting myself hospitalized JUST so i can get help. i have been struggling since i was 12.

please, any advice is welcomed. i do not know where to go to or who to go to.

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    Do whatever you need to do and don’t stop talking about it until someone gives you the help you need. I am 18 and didn’t get help until recently for similar reasons as well as shame attached to my mental illness. Please please do not give up. You have the right mentality in recognising that you should not deal with mental health alone. I believe in you. Keep speaking to teachers at your school make a fuss and make people listen. This is your life and your feelings if they’re too ignorant to listen then make them listen. Good luck I wish you all the best. 

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    We get questions like this all the time. I'll show you an answer that somebody with a problem like yours rated Best, 5 Stars.  

    There's an online chat service for teens, with a very good reputation and you can use it for free - 7 Cups.

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    And btw struggling since "12" ? is it true ? my god!!!!!

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    Try spiritual instead. Let it all pass through. 

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