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Fox & Friends Steve Doocy asked why wearing a mask ever became politicized. Does he watch Fox & Friends?

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    Doocy is becoming as senile as Biden or dumb as dumb-blonde Ainsley. Take your pick.

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    hace 1 mes

    Apparently not.

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    Steve Doocy author of such books as "the Happy Cook book " the Mr. and Mrs. HAPPY HANDBOOK  and  " TALES from the DAD SIDE "

     in his early career anchored CBC morning news cast , Co hosted NBC Wake up america was host of HOUSE PARTY  ( remake of 1960 Art Linkletter show )

     for SIX years was a EMMY award winning  reporter in Washington DC .......

    ..........he joined FOX in 1996..... to present ...his SON  PETER DOOCY is also a FOX NEWS  employee  an ASSIGNMENT  REPORTER who lives in NJ is a Roman Catholic and serves as a LECTOR  in his  Church

    .. STEVE DOOCY is implicated in GRETCHEN CARLSON law suit against ROGER AILES...........

    .. there is to WATCH ....

     there is  being PART of FOX and FRIEND

    ... then there is  being AWARE of ones own SURROUNDING and REALITY

      having COGNITION and MEMORY  of recent event and persons verbalization  and observation  of other peoples  actions plus one selves  and  the social and political  ATMOSPHERE and ENVIRONMENT ., surroundings . since ones JOB description is POLITICAL COMMENTATOR   thank you for the question

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    hace 1 mes
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  • Troy
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    hace 1 mes

    he should. There are a lot of political ramifications to forcing a healthy person in a free society to wear a mask. Forcing someone to hide their identity is psychologically akin to the army stripping away ones identity so the army can mold a new man or forcing a women in the middle east to wear a burka to demonstrate ownership of that woman.

    I have been using one, but will consider stopping if it is mandated. I will resist the erosion of my individual freedoms. Dying for freedom literally an American tradition.

    Give me liberty or give me death.

  • hace 1 mes

    It was politicized by one polititian in particular who didn't want to smear his makeup. 

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