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Is my penis considered big?

I am from Taiwan and my penis when I am really horny when erect measures 6.7 inches, pushed down to the gut

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    Young men judge their sexual worth by the size of their penises. A 6.7-inch penis is about the limit of an erect penis that may bring pain to women during sexual intercourse. Remember a woman's vaginal sheath or canal measures about 4.5 inches. Guys with long penises who thrust their penis inside the vaginal canal can strike the woman's cervix and cause pain. To be careful and becoming a good lover, you should only enter the woman's vagina with your penis about one-half to three-four the length of your penis. Alternate your penis movements forward and circular that will rub the woman's clitoris more often that can lead to her orgasm without causing pain. Women may remain silent even thou she experience pain to hold on to the guy if she likes him. You are never to old to learn how to make better sex with a woman without causing her vaginal pain.


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    It is about an inch above average. 

  • Hey smart one, the size is measured from the tip of your penis to the base. Not what is inside your body. 

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    You are well larger than average.  This site will tell you how large.

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    Congratulation on having a larger than average size penis. Your parents must be very proud.

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    yes in your case..................

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