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Cat had a rubber band tied to it's paw for an hour now her paw is swollen. What should I do?

  My cat got caught on a mouse trap the sticky kind and my mom removed off. The glue was still on her in some places so I decided to give her bath to get it off and it didn't work. So I googled a solution and it said to use some oil but my cat was reluctant and I tied her legs up using rubber bands not too tight though I thought. After the sticky residue was off I removed the rubber bands but I didn't notice that one was on her leg. Tucked away under her fur I removed and her leg was swollen. I told my mom if we can take her to the vet but she said we can't afford it I cried, pled, and begged her but she said, "Trudy is going to be alright." I can't do nothing about it. I'm only a kid and the rubber band wasn't left on a long time. I didn't mean to hurt my Trudy.

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    You should have wrapped the cat in a towel to wash the stuff off. If she is using the foot with no signs of discomfort, she should be fine. Just watch her for a few days. If she doesn't use it like she should, you should see a vet. But I'm sure she is fine.

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    I'm going to "go there" and say that if your family can't afford to take the cat to the vet, then you should NOT have a cat. Is that cat spayed and up to date on all her vaccines? She needs that too.

    There could still be a rubber band stuck somewhere on her leg and it's cutting off the circulation. She could lose that leg if it isn't removed quickly. She needs to be seen, but if your family won't do that, then she needs to go to a home where the new family WILL take proper care of her. Obviously your family isn't prepared to do that. 

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