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Is it dramatic to not like a guy because he has a dog? ?

This guy I dated had a pitbull and I hated it. I hate dogs in general. And it annoyed me that it slept in the same room as us. He acted like if we ever got serious and moved in I would get rid of my cats. Like no honey I’m not getting rid of my cats for a stinky mutt. 

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    If you hate his dog its not a good idea to stay in the relationship.  Not unless you can figure a way to get rid of it.  Don't get rid of your cats.  They are so much easier to love.

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    It's not "dramatic"... you just don't like his dog. And since his dog will likely live longer than your relationship, why HAVE the relationship? It's okay in life to do what you want to do. 

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    I think he dodged a bullet. People who hate animals are unpleasant.

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