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When to worry about a nosebleed?

Never in my life have i had a problem with nosebleeds. But I’d say for the past 8 months I get them probably once every 2 months or so. Usually the blood flows to the back of the throat as well, only happens in the left nostril, and only happens right before going to sleep. I’m not sure if anyone else gets this but I just find that very weird. For the last 3 days I have been drinking some alcohol, enough to get buzzed. Also Sometimes I do drink monster in the morning so could be that to. But I got them even before I started drinking that. What do y’all think it could be ?

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    If you have medical insurance, you need to have your doctor refer you to an Ear, Nose, Throat(ENT)specialist. This specialist will know how to examine your nasal and throat passages, and take a full history of your present and past medical history. Do you have nose bleeds if you blow your nose strongly that makes a noise? Blood capillaries can rupture if blowing nose too strongly. It is also a possibility you have a growth in your sinuses that can bleed and drain into your throat.(I have bad sinuses that bleed sometimes and drain mucus and blood into back of throat causing me to get choked)ENT physicians have special tools to view and help make a diagnosis. Capillaries are tiny blood vessels that do not bleed so strongly and may ruled-out a ruptured capillary, but ENT specialists need to investigate why your nose bleeds from just one nostril. Your medical history might explain to the doctor whether you have had problems from contact sports like strikes to the head in the past that has left a weak spot in your nose or sinuses that might bleed if right factors are applied. If you have medical insurance, call your agent and inquire how much cost will be involved from an ENT examination.(I cannot drink beer too often because hops in beer tend to dry-out my sinuses that can bleed). Good Luck.


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    Could be high blood pressure. You might want to get it checked.

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