How do I know if I’m a vampire?

I’m very pale and sparkle in the sun like the vampires on twilight. I also have this weird obsession with blood and every time I eat human or dog food i throw it up.

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  • hace 1 mes
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    You can't be.  I am the only Vampire left.  All my brothers and sisters in the world of vampires are dead.  Killed by those terrible people with their wooden stakes.  I survive by opening fake surgery centers that order donated blood.  When someone gets wise to me, I close up shop and move to another city.  Don't ask me to make you a vampire, you don't want this kind of life, trust me, you don't!

  • hace 1 mes

    Weren't you claiming to be a mermaid last week?  That's how you know.

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    hace 1 mes

    Take a good look at yourself in the mirror, are your eyes bloodshot? Pale skin? Looking listless? You're fine, a vampire wouldn't see anything.

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