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What did my former coworker block me on social media?

There’s a girl I used to work with. She quit her job at my work place maybe 2 months before the pandemic started. She was my friend on Facebook, Instagram, and even LinkedIn. When she worked with me, we always got along. Didn’t really hang out outside of work though. But she was always nice at work and seemed friendly. I noticed only a few days ago she posted on her Instagram story. Then last night I wanted to view her Instagram and couldn’t find it. I thought she deleted me, but she blocked me. Then I went on Facebook, same thing, I’m blocked. I checked LinkedIn too. She deleted me. Why would she suddenly do this?


Sorry I meant to say “why did my former coworker delete me”

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    I don't use Instagram or LinkedIn but, On Facebook I thought my cousin's daughter blocked me because she vanished there. But, I have two Facebook accounts & she didn't show up on the other one that she would have no knowledge of the name I use. So, she blocked all outsiders.

    So, I don't know how the other two work but is it possible she just blocked all outsiders? Were you Facebook friends or you just viewed her profile every now and then?

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    Soooo if you're that totally clueless as to her reasons, why the hell do you think would WE know?

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