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Why The United States Declaration Of Independence (Fourth Of July's Inspiration) Had One Goal In 1776?

To Declared That The Thirteen American Colonies According To The Continental Congress Were No Longer Subject (And Subordinate) To King George III To Become Free, United And Independent States And A Current Federal Holiday Was Born And Yes No Event In American History Would Be A Subject In Any High School History Class Here And There  


And 244 Years Later This Declaration Gave Birth To The Holiday That We All Known, Honor, Respect And Loved Today 

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*As Of 2020 

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    well, according to Trump.........independence was gained, after Washington took the airports at Yorktown,  by ramming the ramparts at Fort McHenry  which didn't exist at the time......and wasn't built until later. 

    This literally has to be the most idiotic presidential speech in American History. 


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