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What's it like to spend all day at the gym?

no life, except working out at the gym?


every day, before and/or after work?

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    No one spends all day at the gym unless they're a trainer or something. Muscle growth happens through recovery, not working out. If you spend all day at the gym, nothing's going to happen. You'll become more resistant to muscle growth. The point is just to go to the gym for an hour or two and cause microscopic tears in your muscle that will heal larger/stronger. And people would pass out from doing cardio all day. That's not sustainable for the human body even if you're well nourished. Gym rats go to the gym once a day or do two smaller sessions instead. A lot of top bodybuilders say if you spend more than an hour a day at the gym, you're doing it wrong. People probably spend more time at the grocery store and cooking if they're gym or fitness oriented than they do in the actual gym. Some people talk too much at the gym, but that's just like talking anywhere...

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    I don't know all our gyms are closed.

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