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Why are my games/apps not saving ANYTHING?

NOTHING is trying to save. Autosaving is broken on EVERYTHING. I WOULD show it, but it's a popup. So I have to click Ok or Cancel to use anything else. It's stupid. I have an antivirus, but it costs money to keep your computer safe. Is there a free antivirus that is NOT a virus. The antivirus is telling me that an uninstall app is ruining my entire PC. I DELETED EVERY SINGLE STUPID APP THAT HAS BEEN CAUSING ME SUCH STUPID PROBLEMS. EVERYTHING IS GOING STUPID SLOW!!! I GOT THIS PC FOR MY BIRTHDAY. MY. BIRTHDAY. I HATE THIS STUPID ANTIVIRUS AND I'M STARTING TO THINK THAT THIS ANTIVIRUS *IS* THE VIRUS. PLEASE SOMEBODY HELP! Sorry, I am very angry. Should I get a new antivirus? If so, then what antivirus? Games & Apps are going slow sometimes.


This whole pc virus started when the first notification popped up. By the way. The "antivirus" is called Bytefence. Is it a fence or a gate? I think its a gate because of THE GOD DAMN LICENSE! LIKE I SAID, IT COSTS MONEY TO BE SAFE!

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    Okay so I deleted Bytefence and now my PC is safe, I'm using Norton security ultra. I suggest Norton over any other antivirus, It's simple.

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