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Life changes and how to handle them? I need your advice...?

So, I found a girlfriend and we both fell in love. We do everything together and inseparable. Long story short, she’s pregnant. We aren’t in any position to have a baby right now but her and I don’t want to abort our baby. I never would. 

But also, I’m trying to handle this life change of having a girlfriend/wife. My brother (whom I used to spend so much time with) is kinda upset and sad that life is changing. He said he misses the old days when it was just us hanging out. And I know it’s sad and makes me want to cry but life is about moving forward. My dad was always used to having me there on the weekends with him and gets sad and upset when I’m not there. But my girlfriend gets really sad and upset when I’m not with her for a few days. I have to break away from my home life and routine and start being an actual adult and FATHER. 

How do I find some peace and clarity in all this new change?

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    You're not responsible for how your family feels in your new situation. Your focus should be on your gf and your unborn child since that is your family now. It doesn't mean you completely ignore your father and brother. It just means being balanced, something Christians learn to do while serving God. The website below has many Bible-based articles on family life that has helped Christians in changing circumstances. Feel free to browse. Hf on the website below is the brochure 'Happy Life.'

    Wishing you the best.

    Fuente(s): SECTION 5 -How to Keep Peace With Your Relatives
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