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How come people think that I'm an idiot who is not worth chilling or talking to?

So it's gotten to the point where I'm getting tired of people's excuses to not talk to. I'm tired of being ignored by people keep on declining my calls, blocking me and just bashing me in general. One of my therapist blocked my number once again today cause I called her over 20 times. Then I have people like andy who says that he is busy at work working at the storage unit so he can't talk. I'm tired of the excuses and so what I'm going to do is to just call my best friend and talk to him instead when I'm feeling down. My best friend at least makes time for me when I'm in need of someone to talk to unlike all of these other idiots. I'm also just going to call hotlines again and talk to them. I'll just tell them that I'm suicidal and if they want to send EMS then I'll just what i did before and give a fake address. I'm gonna use an burner phone app so they can't trace it back to me. I'm also thinking about ding dong ditching again and egging houses again as it is a way for me to vent out my frustrations. How come people are such jerks to me ?? Andy says that I'm going back to jail. How come he thinks that I'm going back to jail if I were to start this stuff again ??

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    Blah, blah, blah.

    Whine, whine, whine.

    It is no wonder people block you.  They don't want to "chill with you" not because they think you are an idiot, they know that you are an idiot, user and energy vampire.

    Calling anyone 20 time in a day obnoxious and selfish.   You have a distinct pattern of abusing therapist after therapist to the point that they have to protect themselves by refusing to treat you.  

    The only one to blame for the mess your life is in is you.  You act out, abuse, and lie your way thru life.  It is exhausting and dangerous for other people to interact with you.  

    You want attention and for some perverse reason you crave negative attention.  Your posts on YA and youtube are obviously the delusional rants of a very lonely and disturbed individual.  

    That you just keep complaining about the same topics, and asking why, why, why like a 3 year old is yet another reason nobody wants to maintain a relationship with you.  You don't listen to other people when they offer you advice or counseling so there is absolutely no reason for them to continue to expend energy when you are not willing to work toward getting yourself out of the mess you made of your life.

    Being autistic is not a get out of jail free card, and being a immature brat and inept troll is not a disability, jacob.

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    hace 3 meses

    I so hope you get arrested for all the misery you've caused others.

  • hace 3 meses

    i thought you took breaks from yahoo answers....

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