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What would you recommend: a mobile, a manufactured or pre-fab house?

To be put in the country not big city

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    Of those, prefab (assembled on site rather than fully built and then moved in) 

    would be my top choice because it would allow for last-minute modifications,    

    but manufactured may be more structurally strong.   


    Mobile is Never a good choice except in a mobile home park.  


    The best is Always going to be a conventional house on a slab, 

    or, if you want a basement, a full poured-concrete foundation. 

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    Speaking for myself, I'd go with a mobile or a manufactured home. They are the same thing with different names. Mobile is the older and now informal name. Manufactured home is the newer name and what the makers call them, partly to differentiate the newer and better built models from the really old ones which weren't well built at all. I live in one right now and it's fine. But which one you should choose depends on a number of things that you haven't told us. Budget. What financing you need, if any. How long you plan to live there. How big a house you want. Climate, perhaps. How easy it is to access the site.

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    I think mobile is the way to go, some are super cute.

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    If you consider resale value, my guess is a regular wood frame, brick siding, concrete foundation house is the cheapest.   The others depreciate to nothing and they will begin to fall apart after about 10 years. The materials used are minimums and don't last.   The regular house should increase its value if you have property that is increasing in value.  It is an investment. 

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