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What to tone my hair with?

I went to a professional. She didn't put toner in my hair. My hair is yellow. I went to Sally's to take matters into my own hands. The lady told me to use 20 volume developer with a toner, am I going to fry my hair using that?

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  • That's what's recommended on wella color cham. If your hair is damaged then you may want to use a lower volume developer. If you haven't used it, return the 20 vol for 10 vol developer. Use a deep conditioner on your hair after, if you're going to do it. 

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    20 volume? wtf. No, you need about a 7 to 9 volume, basically use 4 parts 10 volume developer to 1 part distilled water. Mix that up first. Then add an equal part of your toner solution. Process it till it looks light lavender, because it will wash out pretty quickly

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