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A student carries out a titration to determine the concentration of some hydrochloric acid.

The student titrates the hydrochloric acid against a standard solution of sodium carbonate,

Na₂CO₃. The equation is shown below.

Na₂CO₃(aq) + 2HCl(aq) → 2NaCl(aq) + H₂O(l) + CO₂(g)

• The student prepares 0.150moldm⁻³ Na₂CO₃ in a 250.0cm³ volumetric flask.

• The hydrochloric acid is added to a 50.0cm³ burette.

• The student pipettes the Na₂CO₃(aq) using a 25.0cm³ pipette.

The average titre is 22.45cm³

Calculate the concentration, in moldm⁻³, of the hydrochloric acid.

Give your answer to 3 significant figures

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    0.0250 L X 0.150 mol/dm^3 Na2CO3 X (2 mol HCl / 1 mol Na2CO3) / 0.02245 dm^3 = 0.334 mol/dm^3 HCl

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