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Is it normal to hurt getting cervix checked?

I’m 39 weeks pregnant and got my cervix checked for dilation a couple days ago. When she did it I was screaming and crying with tears. I really don’t have a high tolerance with pain and this is my first pregnancy is that normal? Or could there be an Underlying issue going on? Baby is healthy moving and heart beat is fine.

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    Yes its absolutely normal for it to hurt while getting your cervix checked at 39 weeks.  That area is super sensitive due to all the hormones and the pressure of the growing baby.  Usually they use some sort of numbing gel before hand (at least the more progressive places do this) so you don't feel too much during the very brief exam.  If you are scared about Labor and Childbirth being painful, don't be.  You should be prepared to request an epidural or some type of pain control during the process if you are not very pain tolerant.  Also, if you did take any lamaze classes now is the time to start employing those breathing techniques...they really do work wonders during active labor...and they will keep your mind off the worrying. Just concentrate on having a healthy baby and put the worry aside.  Good luck!

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    Of course it hurts. Luckily for you, these days, they give the epidural early, and you won't feel it when they check for dilation. When I gave birth, they wouldn't give the epidural until I was pretty much dilated, and it was several difficult hours. But now, the minute you get labor pains, they give the epidural and you can lie back and watch tv until you're ready to deliver. 

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