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What's the point of wanting a haircut during lockdown when no one goes out anyway?

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  • sam
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    Some people used to short hair don't like having long hair get in their face and eyes.

    Some people find long hair heavy.

    People don't like needing to take a long time in the morning to style their hair.

    Some people think long hair looks unprofessional, and people have zoom calls with their workplaces

    Some people dye their hair and the color isn't on their roots so it looks wierd.

    Some people are bored and want to change it up.

    But just because you want a haircut doesnt mean you can and should get one. 

  • I get it, I didn't want a hair cut either. I think it's one of those socializing things that people like doing. It gets them out of the house and getting a hair cut can make you look and feel better. I didn't know I would miss going to see my stylist while they were closed, but I did. 

  • hace 1 mes

    no idea, never had lockdown here

    who says no-one goes out?   maybe where you live, sorry bout that.

    smoke weed, it helps  :)

    do those other americans do rioting virtually i wonder?

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