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Did anyone else's middle school years suck ***?

Mine sure did. Early 7th was the year I got into a fight with my best friends and I became a loner for a while. They started telling everyone crap about me, that I guess some of it was true ( looking back ). It made a lot of people hate me. In that time, I found myself acting weird just to get attention from other people. Because the attention itself was better than being by myself. I had a couple friends but they were really weird and annoying and I wouldnt even call them friendships. I was always socially awkward too, so that made things even worse. In 8th, I got a group of friends again but I felt like I didn't belong. Like I was the most hated one in there. Probably because of how I was labeled as a weird kid in the previous year.

9th grade is when things took a turn for the better. I became more popular, gained some real friends, and became way likable. Ever since then, the worst that happened in our group was drama that didn't really involve me, thank God. 10th and 11th were really good too.

I'm currently going to be a senior. Looking back on my crappy middle school years, I wish I could rewirte them. It makes me cringe that I know know everything I did to result in everyone not liking me. If I could go back with the knowledge I have now, I would have the best experience. Then, however, I leanred that many people have bad middle school experiences. It's those awkward years, I guess, and it makes everyone act different.

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    Well, I hated middle school, I only liked sixth grade because I got good grades and won three medals that entire year, sixth grade was fun since we had a few field trips and outdoor activities. However I hated seventh and eighth grade, my grades went downhill because life got in the way, this started in year 7, not a lot of trips or activities. I didn't have any friends but neither did I really in sixth grade, I hung with some kids but it was like they didn't even know I was there. In seventh and eighth grade, I hung out by myself all year long, a group of boys always gossiped about me, taunted me and made of fun maybe because I was shy and mostly quiet, I never really did anything wrong to them, people must have thought I was weird. My mom told me the day of my eighth grade promotion, when I walked on stage to receive my certificate that nearly not a lot of people clapped for me, but she did and she was proud of me, it did hurt that no one clapped for me but it made me happy that my mom got me balloons and a gift. To be honest I was not going to miss middle school well only sixth grade, I wasn't going to miss the bullies, I was relieved to leave middle school, I never saw them again since then. High school was better, except for tenth grade because I fell in bad anxiety and depression but my high school experience was great, I had a few friends here and there I graduated since last year. I am 19 and I sometimes wish i could have changed my school years but it has now all passed, I am now in community college and can't wait to go back once this pandemic is over.

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    Relatable. However, I’m 33 now. So much time has passed. Everything about school seems good in retrospect. So don’t worry!

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