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do white people that aren't associated or interested with hip hop or rap understand that it requires music and creative talent to be good?

making raps and rhymes takes skill. its like writing poetry.

try making a rap song and memorize the words and perform it with the beats.

its way harder than it looks


my mom and dad don't understand hip hop because they are closed-minded and stuck in their ways. they think its just words and swearing.

for them real music talent has to have a guitar or people performing with instruments. 

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@anon. this is coming from someone that doesn't understand how rap and hip hop works 

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    People who criticize rapping seem to think a rap fan automatically likes every rapper.

    Anybody can rap, just like how anybody can sing. However it takes talent, skill and dedication to be GOOD at their profession. Even then there is a huge amount of different styles which resonate with different people, like with any other genre of music.

    People have a right to their own opinion, but they should at least educate themselves on whatever they are criticizing.

  • Sadly most modern rap and hip hop really isn't that good, so it doesn't really send a very positive message to those that are really into the genre and in all fairness I think most modern rock music sucks too.

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    Rapping is writing rhyme. The word rap is a slang word meaning to talk. It's been around since the fifties. "Rap song" is a misnomer that was employed by the recording industry. Songs are sung, not spoken. You do not have to have musical talent to be a rapper, just a sense of rhythm. What do you mean by "raps and rhymes?"  Define "real music". Do you understand how rap and hip hop work? Explain please. Is there a genre of music that you don't particularly like? If so, does that mean you're closed minded and stuck in your ways? There are two ways music is performed, instrumentally and vocally. So your parents are right in saying that music is performed with instruments. I don't know your age, but you sound like one of those teenagers who feel they know it all and people thirty and over don't know what's happening. Try doing some reading up on music before you try talking about it. An empty wagon makes a lot of noise and diarrhea of the mouth causes constipation of the brain. Have a good day.

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    some of them might understand that

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  • Murzy
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    all music genres require talent

  • Anónimo
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    Making raps and rhymes takes skill but NOT talent. No, it is NOT as difficult as writing GOOD poetry.

    It is easy for anyone with half a brain to write a rap song, memorize the words, and perform it with the beats.

    Throughout history, mankind has preserved knowledge through memorizing THOUSANDS of texts in their entirety ,,. .memorizing ONE rhyming rap song is nothing to brag about.

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