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I have a wax warmer that uses a 110v 35w light bulb. The lightbulbs have been burning out within hours of replacing them. Can this be fixed?

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    Maybe the bulbs you have been getting are off spec. 


    Using a light dimmer might help because 

    reducing the voltage by only 5% can double lamp life. 

    Further reductions improve on that significantly,   

    but going too far would prevent the wax from melting properly.   


    There really isn't any other "fix" except higher-quality and/or higher-voltage lamps. 

    Try to find some rated for 130 volts. They should last considerably longer.  


    Also, if the lamps are quartz-halogen, 


    Use a clean paper towel or cotton cloth to handle them. 

    If you do make skin contact, use 90% or better isopropyl alcohol to clean it.

  • Anton
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    Normal AC voltage in the U.S. is 120 volts, not 110.  Higher voltage = over heating.

    I am retired, don't remember the math, but you can use a 50 watt bulb, with a power resister to drop the voltage at the bulb to use just 35 watts. 

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    Buy light bulbs from leading brands.

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