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why is it uncommon for sex offenders to be shamed?

in my personal experience, the whole family keeps the person and the incident "hush-hush", but why? i am not ashamed, i did no wrong. why don't they share the story and shame him? family members and friends keep it quiet. it's not just me, unfortunately countless friends of mine have gone trough similar tragedies and they to have suffered in silence and our attackers roam the streets without justice for their actions. don't you think its time to change? we should put the faces and names of the attackers on billboards. its ridiculous how many men and woman, children are exposed to these kinds of people daily and are traumatized for the rest of their lives and feel ashamed. and why would some family members continue to associate with these attackers like nothing?! wouldn't you cut them off? and anyone else who, knowing what they've done, continued association with them? people tell me to "get over it" but this is "normal"... that should change.

i feel alone in this fight, i think we learn to live with the disappointment and move on. i don't want us to do that anymore. 

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  • amy
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    Because your families toxic they are protecting an aggressor at the expense of the victim. They just toxic people. Time say goodbye to toxic people regardless of who they are and how they are connected to you they will only bring you down and make your life miserable. If bringing yourself back up and being happy means cutting off your family then its worth it. No caring normal person would say just get over it or believe its normal. There are plenty of normal caring people out there you just have to find them.

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    Social shaming is sad and pathetic. 

    I’ve been both sexually assaulted and (no police involved but it was exploited online nonetheless) falsely accused of rape to where I was banned from and soundcloud.

    I don’t want everyone knowing what the guy did to me, I dealt with him myself and have moved on. I also think women exploiting these accusations with no proof and then guys like me suffering is wrong.

    Keep your mouth shut and either sort him out yourself or let the justice system decide.

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    You're right. These people are often multiple offenders. My husband said they should post pictures of pedophiles. Unfortunately their victims would probably not see those pics.

    It would make sense to have some kind of restitution program for sex offenders, because I think they are hard wired to dominate using sex.

    It's not normal, it's deviant behaviour. As for your was not your fault...try to leave it in the past because each time you bring it up you suffer anew. You are not alone.

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    Could be they have a great deal more sympathizers than not. Them being a possible sex offender themselves.

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  • Anónimo
    hace 1 mes

    embarrasses the entire family .......................

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