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What is your favorite flavor of chicken crepes?

I'm thinking about making chicken pot pie crepes, lemon chicken crepes, italian mushroom chicken (or steak) crepes, or something else. Any suggestions?

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    I’m a culinary student, I might be able to help!

    I saw a recipe not too long ago online for a chicken and garlic crepe, you could also go for chicken Florentine or turkey and Swiss!

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    The Italian mushroom crepes sound good.

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    Chicken flavored.

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    Pot pie and crepes are two different things. 

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    Crepes are a complicated food item and require precision in crafting. In order to decide which flavor or crepe to craft, one must decide on their preferences and whatever matches best with their previous life choices. If you have decided to include chicken in your crepes then you should select a complementary taste. Lemon and mushroom both go well, though not together. Cilantro is often enjoyed with chicken, although you may find it too strong. Poppy seeds often taste good with chicken, if you like slightly zesty chicken with a hint of sweetness that is not overwhelming and does not flavor the food too heavily, so thus it is not yet "sweet meat". Choose something you typically eat with chicken to accompany with your chicken in the crepe, or try something new. I recommend the options that I have thus far recommended. Good luck in your endeavors to craft a satisfactory meal.

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