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Will a chin implant dramatically change my face?

I’m getting a chin implant and my doctor is going to move my chin forward 4cm because right now I don’t have much of a chin. Will that dramatically change my face?

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    I don't know about dramatically but it certainly will make a noticeable change.

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    I'm presuming that a chin implant will have a change on one's facial appearance, however, please keep in mind that a chin implant is supposed to be made of *silicone*, which is a type of artificial material.  They can also result in allergic reactions, for instance, which may result in facial deformity.  

    Those with silicone breast implants have had various health issues and many have opted to get them removed.  (Even saline breast implants are encased in silicone.)  

    Please do *not* be concerned about others' comments and love yourself :)

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