Husband has gf in virtual game?

I just found out that my husband has gf in virtual game, IMVU. He even bought married package in that game. When i asked him, he said it's just game and he won't play anymore. And then he removed his married status with that girl in game.... I don't know should i trust him or not... Do u guys think it's considered as cheating?

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    It is called emotional cheating. Depending on how long it can be "Fling" or "Just dabling" or it could be a "Emotional plea" to find someone who makes him happy. If its longer than a month doing it than its probably his attempt to make himself happy. Should you divorce him, that call depends on whether it escalated or not. If he used the game and then started using facebook or social media to chat women then he is far gone and will soon be cheating when he gets a chance. 

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    Great good for him! I am thinking of getting one of those new super AI sex robots.  All the benefits of a super hot woman and non of the crap from women.  Its the future all men need to move away from real woman and embrace AI.  Really no need for real women unless they "Woman up" and start offering something of value to a man other than a stank fish hole once a month.

  • David
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    OK, think of it this way.  You meet a guy in a virtual game.  Or at least, you meet his avatar.  Your avatar and his avatar get along really well.  You decide that in the virtual world, your avatar is going to marry his.  

    Now, in the real world....

    Who is this guy?  Do you know his real name?  Have you ever laid eyes on him?  Have you ever kissed him or had sex with him?  Does the human guy mean anything to you, in real life?  

    Basically, your husband did nothing wrong.  Chances are, he doesn't even know the real first name of the girl who was represented by the avatar.  And here's the kicker....because the IMVU world is virtual, the avatar your husband married might have been created by a MAN.

    Now, your husband can't control your feelings about his playing the virtual game online.  HOWEVER, when you made your feelings known, he did the right thing and stopped playing.  

    Even though you had no reason to be upset, he is STILL trying to protect your feelings.  That is the exact opposite of cheating, dear.  IF anything, it demonstrates that he is really strongly committed to his marriage and to his wife.

  • You are insecure and need to get a hobby.

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  • Helen
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    hace 1 mes

    No. It's just a game.

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    hace 1 mes

    what you have done in the mind, you have done in the heart.

    how would you feel about him masturbating to another woman?

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