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Does this woman not want to be friends with me?

I am a 25 year old woman. So, yesterday I asked this woman If she would like to go watch a movie with me. Her, and her husband are new to Canada. They came in February. Since movie theatres are opening here from tomorrow. She said she doesn’t know if she wants to go now because of COVID so she said how about if my sister and I come over to her place for a girl’s day out next week and today I found out she and her husband are taking a ferry to Victoria in a few days. If she was worried about catching COVID, why would she go to Victoria? So do you think she doesn’t like me and want to be friends with me? 

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  • Helen
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    I understand why you might think that, but try to give her the benefit of the doubt. She may be limiting activity prior to the trip so she doesn't get sick during. Perhaps at the time she made the invite, she had forgotten about the trip.

    Another likelihood is that she might not be comfortable going to the cinema with just you, if she doesn't know you that well yet. Money might be an issue too.

    I wouldn't automatically assume she doesn't like you, but maybe pull back a bit and wait for her to get back to you.

  • Nicey8
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    hello. She wants to be your friend, however cinemas are a good place to spread infection.

    Please do not suspect too much and carry on to be her friend.

    maybe she does not really fancy watching movies.

    to each her own.

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