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I'm thinking about getting a bird, how do I know what things have teflon on it.?

If it matters, the bird is gonna be a parakeet.

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  • hace 4 semanas

    The kind of bird doesn't matter.  All birds have very sensitive respiratory systems.  All non-stick coatings will kill the bird within 4 hours to overnight.  That includes silver stone and all pan coatings.  Also, many toaster ovens have non-stick coatings.  If you want a safe one, I bought a 360 Emeril Lagase toaster/multi use oven in December.  It contains a ceramic oven tray and there is no non-stick interior.  Read product descriptions AND specs.  Buy ceramic pans, like a green one or blue diamond.  I have a large blue diamond and it is fabulous.  They are non-stick but ceramic.  They are not coated with a non-stick coating.

    Fuente(s): Have had several birds for many years.
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